The Stars of JFK...


The Stars of JFK...

   This is especially thanks to Mars taking “center stage” in Aries, one of its more powerful signs, forming what’s called in Vedic astrology, a “Great Personality Yoga,” specifically “Ruchaka Yoga,” which means “Brilliant, or bright.”

   People with this combination are aggressive, assertive, strategic, athletic, and successful. The shadow side of this, however, is that they can be reckless.


   This recklessness, in his case, was especially sexual... politically he was apparently thoughtful, and diplomatic, thanks to Saturn sitting in his tenth house, the house of career.

   His sexual recklessness can be seen by Mars again. It’s in his house of partnership, and it’s in a Vedic zodiac sign called “Bharani” which, no kidding, is symbolized by a woman’s private parts...

   Not only that, this particular constellation is “ruled” by Venus, the planet of sensuality. When a person has any kind of combination of Mars and Venus, they have strong, and often impulsive, sexual appetites.

   JKF had not one but TWO combinations like this – Mars in Bharani (ruled by Venus) and Venus in the sign of Taurus in a Vedic constellation called Mrigrishira, which is “ruled” by Mars. And noted for being the friendliest of the twenty-seven Vedic signs... Get it? Venus – the planet of WOMEN and sensuality, was in the friendliest possible sign? I mean really, need we say more?)

  I can’t help but mention here that another U.S. president, Bill Clinton - also known for endless rumors of womanizing, and for an ongoing dalliance with a White House Intern, you don’t need me to tell you! - has Venus and Mars together in the same sign, his rising sign... in the sign of Virgo.

   Not only are Venus and Mars in mutual relationship in JFK’s stars, they also happen to be extremely strong... Both are positioned in their “own” signs (because, as I said, Mars is in Aries and Venus is in Taurus).

   In the charts of cheaters, you pretty much always find some combination of Rahu (aka, the north node of the Moon), and Venus as well (Tiger Woods, Jesse James, Kristen Stewart, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.) Not surprisingly, JFK has Venus in Sagittarius, in a Vedic constellation ruled by Rahu.

   But what “sealed the deal,” on his roving ways, and gave him so much opportunity was the planet Jupiter, which joins Venus and the Sun in the president’s chart in Taurus.

   It’s barely there, however, being on the cusp of Aries, at just zero degrees of Taurus. (Interestingly, it’s less than three degrees away from Mercury, the planet of speaking and writing, and when Jupiter and Mercury get together like this, they bless a person with the gifts of verbal and written expression...)

   Astrologically speaking, when a planet is sitting at zero degrees of a sign, it’s considered a bit “out of gas” and weakened. Since Jupiter is the planet of ethics and honesty, being in this state helped JFK ignore his conscience and Catholic upbringing where women were concerned.

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