The Stars of JFK...


The Stars of JFK...

   Unless you live in a cave in a coma, I’m sure you’ve heard that today is the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of JFK.

   His death in such a violent, horrific, shocking, and PUBLIC way and the endless speculation about it all is likely the biggest story involving any president of the United States, ever.


   (Yes, Lincoln’s death was horrific as well, but it wasn’t IN THE MIDDLE OF A PARADE, in front of a crowd of young and old alike... and there’s NO question of who his assassin was, and whether or not he “acted alone.”)

   I’m married to a man from Dallas who grew up near the very spot those chilling events occurred, under that infamous window of the book depository, and in front of that famed “grassy knoll.”

   So there’s an awful lot of Kennedy talk around my house...

   He and his brother know everything about everything when it comes to the events of that day a half a century ago, and have analyzed and “cogitated” on every possible conspiracy theory.

   They’ve read all the books, seen all the documentaries, heard all the gossip...

   Was it REALLY Oswald, acting alone?

   Was it LBJ, drunk with ambition?

   Was it the mob?

   Was it the CIA or Military Industrial Complex?

   Was it Woody Harrelson’s father, shooting from below the street, through a storm drain?

   Was it because of the Bay of Pigs? Because he was about to bring the troops back from Vietnam? His campaign along with RFK to rid the country of organized crime?

   We’ll likely never know...

   Politics, and solving “whodunits” aren’t really my area... I’m more interested in the life and relationships of JFK. Though he was a great man in a many ways, who genuinely wanted to improve the world (founding the Peace Corps, championing civil rights, and – oh yeah, saving the world from the brink of nuclear war) much of the good in his legacy is eclipsed by his personal life.

   Why was he such a ladies man when he had such a gorgeous, educated wife? How could he be both a dedicated family man, and insatiable cad? What was his relationship with Jackie really like? In other words, what do his stars have to say about THAT?

   Let’s go to the astrological vault, shall we?

   JFK was rumored to have had “encounters” and ongoing affairs with legions of women, most notably a 19-year-old White House intern; Socialite Judith Campbell Exner (who also became involved with Sam Giancana, a mob boss); and movie stars Marilyn Monroe, and Marlene Dietrich (who had “relations” with JFK’s father, Joseph Kennedy, when JFK was a teen).

   A quick glance at our youngest-ever president’s chart quickly reveals why he had so much magnetic appeal.

   The great aphrodisiacs - power, confidence and charm, are all high in his chart, according to the calculations of Vedic astrology (which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign).

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