The Stars of Jackie Kennedy – Astrology Tip of the Week


The Stars of Jackie Kennedy – Astrology Tip of the Week

   (Jackie was famously private, avoiding the limelight as much as possible – even sending LBJ’s wife in her place to receive her Emmy award, and never speaking publicly about her husband’s murder...)

   Jackie’s love life, though glamorous, was full of scandal... and heartache. She apparently knew of her first husband’s philandering (how could she not?), and her second’s as well (with his former lover, Maria Callas, with whom he was reportedly still seeing regularly up until his death).

   Interestingly, this can also be seen by Jupiter and Venus. Although they are both considered “good guy” planets, bringing comforts, money, and the ability to indulge our senses, they are also considered enemies to each other, and it’s not ideal for them to be together in the same sign.

   (You know the saying, “Too much of a good thing”? It’s like that...)

   It’s said that Jackie dealt with the difficulties in her relationships by hiding her feelings, and emotionally withdrawing from both of her husbands when they behaved badly, something the Moon/Ketu influence supports.

   In the “Chart Your Heart” report, which tells you all about your “Relationship Capacity,” it says of her Moon/Ketu combo:  

  “With this combination you can be an rock of emotional support for others, but have a very hard time finding emotional support from others in return - you will most likely find it easier to deal with your own emotional stuff alone, in private.”

    Rumors abound about her own infidelity in the marriage, and her desire to leave Jack, but her need to “keep up appearances” and stay by his side for political reasons...

   Their astrological compatibility, however, was mostly strong... According to the techniques of Vedic astrology (as seen in “The Right Man Report”) they had a high “wavelength score” enabling them to have a great deal of agreement on many topics, and they shared a high level of attraction (as shown by an extremely powerful connection between them – from Jack to Jackie – called “Magnetic Attraction”).

   As I mentioned, they both were born when the planet Venus was in Taurus, along with Jupiter. Venus indicates love and romance in a chart, and Jupiter is the planet of marriage. To have them all together like that – her Venus and Jupiter with his Jupiter and Venus – is absolutely beautiful for creating a feeling of love and connection between them, and giving them the destiny to marry.

   There were some big problems in their compatibility, however, that are clear from their charts.

   “The Right Man Report” doesn’t just reveal if you’ll get along and like a man... it also shows if you can merge your lives – if you have indications of a happy shared life path or not.  

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