The Stars of Jackie Kennedy – Astrology Tip of the Week


The Stars of Jackie Kennedy – Astrology Tip of the Week

   Venus is the planet of desire, and the stronger it is in a chart the more able we are to fulfill our desires. Having Venus in such a powerful sign, and not only that, but having it with Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is just about all we need to look to in her stars in order to grasp her greatest talents and most marked characteristics.

   Interestingly, I wrote last week when looking at JFK’s chart, that he also had Venus and Jupiter in Taurus. In her case, though, they are situated in her 7th house, the house of the public, allies, and partners, while in his they were in the 8th house, the house of inherited wealth and scandals (people – I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried).

   Jupiter and Venus are both planets having to do with comforts, luxuries, and money... Because the 7th house in a person’s chart describes their partner, it’s no surprise that both her marriage to Kennedy, and later to Aristotle Onassis, made her wealthy. (And it’s no surprise that they were both men of considerable desires themselves...)

   Emotionally, Jackie had her Sun in the sign of Cancer, and the Moon in the sign of Aries. In Vedic astrology we emphasize the Moon sign – especially when it comes to relationships, as the Moon is an indicator of the emotional nature of a person.

   Being a Cancer, though, is why she was such a dedicated mother and family-oriented person. But having the Moon in Aries is why she was so independent and motivated...

   She didn’t just indulge that incredible Venus side of herself. No, she contributed to the world around her, as well. Aries is one of the more driven and ambitious of signs, considered one of the “power” signs.

   Her Moon falls in a section of Aries called Aswini, one of the original 27 signs of Vedic astrology, symbolized by a horse’s head, and associated with horseback riding – something Jackie loved and pursued throughout her lifetime.

   (Interestingly, fellow equestrian Prince Charles also has his Vedic Moon sign there.)

   I say about this constellation (in my “Signs of Compatibility” program):  

   “The positive qualities of having the Moon in Ashwini include personal charm, elegance, a love of jewelry, popularity, a desire to help and heal, tendency to be heroic, a love of travel and vehicles, enable a person attain high rank in their profession, be attractive, beautiful, happy, can be good listeners so make good counselors” – all things that proved to be true in the life of Jackie Kennedy...

   Her Moon was joined by Ketu, aka the South Node of the Moon, also in Aries. The combination of the Moon and Ketu creates strong emotional discipline, and a deep desire for privacy.

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