The Stars of Jackie Kennedy – Astrology Tip of the Week


The Stars of Jackie Kennedy – Astrology Tip of the Week

   With the fiftieth anniversary of the death of her husband last week, the world also remembered the late, great Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

   Not only does she remain one of our most popular first ladies of all time, with an incredible list of accomplishments  of her own, instrumental in creating JFK’s popularity around the world...


    I don’t have to tell you that she was also by her husband’s side that terrible day, leaning toward him in an act of utter selflessness and fearless concern in those terrifying moments...

   It’s impossible to forget images of her crawling out of the convertible as shots were flying (not to save herself – in a desperate attempt to help her husband), and then later by Johnson’s side in her blood-stained Pink outfit as he was being sworn in on Air Force One as our next president, to “show the world what they did to Jack.”

   I’d like to think I’d be that brave... Sadly, I doubt it.

   Jackie was most known for her beauty and style – but she was highly intelligent (able to speak several languages), and accomplished in her own right.

   Upon moving into the White House, she was astonished to discover that the furnishings had little historical significance, so she set to work to change that, redecorating and landscaping, spearheading the funding of the work and the passing of laws to protect the house and its contents for future generations...

   (She even won an Emmy award for her participation in a TV special in which her improvements to the White House were shown to the world...)

   Jackie was also known for her extravagance – she spent more on her annual wardrobe than her husband’s entire annual salary... this, despite the fact that her clothing was paid for by her wealthy father-in-law, Joseph Kennedy. (I read in a magazine article years ago in Vanity Fair that she spent roughly $64,000 A MONTH – personally! On artwork, travel, and clothes... Yowza!)

   Her life was touched by tragedy before her husband’s chilling demise... her first child, a daughter, was stillborn, and her last, a son, was born five weeks premature, and died at just two days old. (And, of course, she had Carolyn and JFK Jr. in between, thankfully.)

   Why was she so strong, so stylish, and so impressive?

   As ever, it can all be seen in the stars... Let’s go to the astrological vault, shall we?
   According to the calculations of Vedic astrology, which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign, Jackie had a powerful combination called “a great personality yoga” formed by the planet Venus being in Taurus, one of its most powerful signs, in her 7th house.

   This particular combination, called “Malavya Yoga” is noted for giving all the greatest gifts of Venus – beauty, refined taste, aesthetic flair, grace, charm, as well as diplomatic skill. (Rulers of other nations adored her.)

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