John F. Kennedy Jr. - Astrology Tip of The Week...


John F. Kennedy Jr. - Astrology Tip of The Week...

   Now, Carolyn's chart is DEFINITELY fiesty, and shows a quick mind, a strong will, and a tendency toward blunt, harsh speech. (You can Youtube video of
them fighting in Central Park if you want to see this in action)...

   But it also shows what friends described - a big heart, a positive outlook, and a depth of generosity and kindness.

   She and John have some of the best celestial combos for chemistry, mutual support, shared values, great communication, and more...

   So as for the rumors, the truth is we'll never know.

   But I have found in doing this technique for thousands of couples, that when the connection is as powerful and as positive as it is between John and
Carolyn, most things can be overcome, and SHOULD be.

   (To see if you and YOUR guy can overcome whatever life throws your way or not - do you have "enjoyment and prosperity?" - get your "Right Man Report" with him.)

   So let's remember John and Carolyn at their best, and wish them well wherever they are, and be grateful for the gift of life and those we love...

When it comes to your relationships that are personal and emotional, looking to a man's Sun sign in relation to yours won't explain how you'll relate. You can learn more about this, and so many other amazing truths at the intersection of astrology and love in a free newsletter you can sign up for here: Click here to receive Carol’s newsletter for free.

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