John F. Kennedy Jr. - Astrology Tip of The Week...


John F. Kennedy Jr. - Astrology Tip of The Week...

   He and Daryl were born just days apart, and so have many intense connections between them.

   But, again, if we run "The Right Man Report" for them, it becomes clear why they didn't marry...


   THREE out of the five KEY steps don't work beween them, most interestingly one called, "Vedha" or "Obstacles."

   When a couple has "obstacles" it means that OUTSIDE problems will come between them all the time - other relationships, other people, issues such as where
to live, etc.

   It was rumored that John's mother, Jackie O., who was a HUGE influence in his life and his primary parent (obviously), was against the union.

   If that were true, that would have been a TREMENDOUS obstacle, and just the kind a couple like this would go through, again and again.

   "Vedha" is one of the most painful, problematic, challenges a couple can face. And it can be so confusing because it has NOTHING to do with how they feel together, and is instead about their outer lives being the issue that keeps them apart - not their interpersonal connection.

   (To find out if you and the man in your life have any of the five KEY things mucking up your relationship like this and just what to do about it all, check out "The Right Man Report" with him.)

   So, what about John and Carolyn?
   Was she more bonded to him than he was to her?
   Did they have constant obstacles?
   Would he have ultimately rejected her?
   According to "The Right Man Report" they had a great deal of compatibility and nothing in their way to having a forever happy life together except
perhaps their own individual failings...

   They fulfill ALL five of the core, critical five connections a couple need to be able to live "as man and wife."

   So there was no big bug-a-boo between them that would ultimately ruin the party...

   It says she would respect him and he would cherish her...

   Their circumstances would support them being together...

   They'd balance each other and be able to have shared goals...

   The relationship of her Moon to his and his to hers says, "The couple will have enjoyment and prosperity."

   (One look at pictures of them kissing and her sitting on his lap laughing, and it's clear that was true...)

   Not only that, the technique also includes three extra special connections that create a "WOW" feeling between two people if any of them are present (and
a lack of one if they're not).

   John and Carolyn had one mutually between them called "Innate giving," which enabled them to always know what the other needed and gladly provide it.

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