Friday The 13th... (What's Love Got To Do With It? Read on!)


Friday The 13th... (What's Love Got To Do With It? Read on!)

   It's the day Jesus was crucified.
   Eve apparently tempted Adam with the "forbidden fruit" on a Friday.
   And it's rumored that Cain killed Abel on Friday the 13th. (Seems to me these last two examples were before calendars... I'm just sayin'.)

   It's likely that the degradation of Friday's reputation harkens back to Scandinavia and another Norse myth...


   You see, Friday is actually named for the Norse goddess, Frigga, the goddess of love and fertility.

   (It's the only day of the week named after a female. Interestingly, in other cultures Friday is named after Venus, the Roman Goddess of love, too...)

   When Germanic and Norse tribes were converted to Christianity, they stopped their Pagan traditions, and all mention of Frigga was disallowed.

   It was thought that she hid in the mountains and gathered on Fridays with eleven witches, and had a 13th guest (there it is again...) who just happened to be (wait for it)...

   ...the Devil.

   And together they'd plot negative events for the coming week.

   Friday became known as "the Witches' Sabbath" in Scandinavia for centuries...

   (You see, when you banish LOVE you become a WITCH! :))

   So, I have a suggestion for this day - and for every day for that matter.

   Let's bring Frigga back.
   Let's celebrate all things having to do with love.   

   It's said that the only way to conquer fear is with love.

   So if you've got an unusual amount of anxiety about Friday the 13th, let's TURN THAT AROUND by doing something you love on this day.

   (Or doing SOMEONE you love on this day - did you know the average American has 13 lovers in their lifetime? See - it's not such a terrible number. But I digress...)

   If you need more love in your life, you may be suffering from - "Androphobia" - fear of MEN.

   I can help you with "Astrophobia" - a fear of stars...

   (These are actually REAL phobias!)

   My favorite program for helping you identify the parts of you that may be setting you up to be more in fear than faith, and to help you turn that around is "Astrological Attraction."

   Some of us were born anxious, or insecure, or depressive... and it's not our fault. But what makes it worse, is when we JUDGE ourselves for being this way, and think we should just "get over it."

   We come in with certain astrological combinations (called "yogas") that reveal our nature - and they are utterly amazing!

   In "Astrological Attraction" I teach you how to diagnose your main "Attraction Yogas" - the parts of you that attract men to you, or PUSH them away, so that you can know just what to do to understand yourself, and be your best self.

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