Written In The Stars: Reading The Royal Baby's Signs


Written In The Stars: Reading The Royal Baby's Signs
Discover what type of life Prince George will have, based on his astrological signs.

By: Carol Allen

The British royal family apparently has a long history of looking to astrology... Princess Diana was rumored to be a big fan, and frequently visited her personal astrologer.

My favorite story involves Queen Elizabeth the First. When she was a teenager before she became queen, was imprisoned in the Tower of London by her sister, Queen Mary, over their religious differences. The young princess waited helplessly for months, just sure she'd never live to leave the Tower's walls. But she was visited by an astrologer who predicted she'd have a total reversal of fortune and become queen. Her sister died unexpectedly soon after, and you've likely heard the rest...

I myself have given readings to English Lords and a Duke and Duchess, (though not William and Kate — I wish!) and have even stayed in my very own wing of one of England's "Magnificent Seven," one of seven amazing, massive houses, much like the house in Downton Abbey. It was nothing short of amazing; my bathroom had a seven foot wooden bath tub, and a sculpture garden right out the window.

Like Kate, I met these members of the royal family while in college because one of them was going to the same university. One of my sorority sisters married him — and like William, he couldn’t be nicer!

I was excitedly watching the news earlier this week, hoping that when the little blue-blooded baby girl or boy was born, they’d post the birth time. Without a person’s birth time, we can’t know their full chart, which is akin to having all the pieces to a puzzle but not knowing how to put it together. It's super frustrating. But, they did! Yup, the little lad was born at 4:24p.m. So I was able to put the pieces together and see the puzzle of his life. And what a life it will be! I still gasp in amazement at how crazy this stuff is... I don’t know why it works; it just does!

I was just reading around the web to see what other astrologers and numerologists thought about the wee one. And I agreed with everything they had to say. And, I gotta tell ya. This is why I LOVE Vedic astrology... what I’m able to see is SOOOO beyond his sign, or his temperament. Keep reading...

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