Chemistry And Finding The Right Man


Chemistry And Finding The Right Man
We can’t control who we’re attracted to. Learn how the stars reveal how chemistry & attraction work.

The position of the planets and stars at the time of your birth. You know, astrology.



There’s a planet of PASSION and another of SENSUALITY.

There’s a planet of KINKINESS and another of frigidity.

Certain zodiac signs are frisky, while others are conservative.

So depending on which “celestial forces” are dominant in your astrology chart, you'll be either a vixen with a capital "V" or a demure maiden.

And how these forces “line up” between your chart and a man’s determine if there are connections that heighten or dampen the MOJO between you.

Basically explaining if you want to rip his clothes off on a regular basis, or if the most you can muster is to love him like a brother.

So the lame guy that you find yourself inexplicably HOT for?

His planet of passion will be triggering your planet of sensuality.

Don’t Settle If You’re Not “Feeling It”

In the ancient books of astrology there’s no mention of a “planet of socks,” dirty or otherwise…

Here’s the thing - NONE of this is PERSONAL or up to you.

And yet, the physical bond you share with a man is CRITICAL to the success or failure of your romantic relationship or POTENTIAL romantic relationship.

When the two of you have a PASSIONATE connection (which you CANNOT manufacture), you'll be far happier and even healthier than if there’s not.

That’s IF he also has the qualities you require.

Because you'll be MISERABLE if you're in heaven between the sheets with him but nowhere else…

You must have good chemistry with a man that’s also a GOOD MAN.

So don’t give a relationship that lacks that physical MAGIC too much of your precious time and energy.

I’ve talked to many women who thought passion wasn't critical and that they were lucky to find a good guy to love who loved them back.

Some of these women even thought it was more "spiritual" to be in a passionless relationship.

So they gave up this important part of love.

Sometimes they were able to do this for a while.

Even years.

But they inevitably meet someone else that turns them on and reminds them of the part of themselves that didn’t die…

And then they HATE themselves for having to leave the good man they've made a life with.

Or for leading a double life.

Or for staying and hating it.

There’s no happy ending to these stories.

And I've talked to many other women who were magnetically pulled to someone they didn't otherwise want.

They kept telling themselves they'd indulge for just a little while, but to their amazement they became attached to and STUCK on a man they don't even LIKE.

So if you’re knocked out by the fireworks you feel when in the presence of a guy you’re otherwise unimpressed with, RUN, RUN, RUN before it's too late.

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