The Best Sign For You To Be With


The Best Sign For You To Be With
Learn how to use zodiac signs to determine the success of your relationships.

Anna brings up such a great point. The Sun sign compatibility between you and a man is NOT a predictor of how you'll get along, your emotional connection, or if he could be your guy. And, just as importantly, one man of one sign can be nothing like another man of the same sign! So even if you have a bad experience with one Gemini, the perfect man for you may just happen to be a Gemini. Astrology is much more complicated and vast than just what sign you are. The most important thing to look to for how the two of you will feel together, and the very desting of your relationship, doesn't even consider your Sun signs.

Anna brings up another great point. There are tons of men and women that won't even meet a potential love partner because of their sign. Like what happened to Anna, they just might have found that that was the very person with whom they shared a fantastic connection and who made them happy. The report Anna ordered is the compatibility report I use to tell my clients if they're compatible with a specific guy. It’s called "The Right Man Report."


"The Right Man Report" looks at what does matter between two people in relationships: the Moon signs, and even more specifically, the Moon SUB-SIGNS of both people, and analyzes the eight aspects of compatibility between them. This is how you can see if you and a man can feel what Anna describes, that amazing feeling, and such powerful compatibility as if you're on the same "wavelength," allowing love to grow. You see, the Sun in your chart is an indicator of your looks, behavior, and career. But it is your Moon that reveals your emotions, psychology, and feelings.

When it comes to your relationships that are personal and emotional, looking to a man's Sun sign in relation to yours won't explain how you'll relate. You can learn more about this, and so many other amazing truths at the intersection of astrology and love in a free newsletter you can sign up for here: Click Here to receive Carol’s newsletter for free.

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