Are You The Right Woman For Him? - How Can The Stars Help


Are You The Right Woman For Him? - How Can The Stars Help
Have you ever blamed yourself after a break-up? Learn how astrology can help you save a relationship

By Carol Allen

Have you ever had a man not GET you?


Isn't that just THE WORST?

Especially when it's a man you thought really loved you.

When a man doesn't get you, he questions or criticizes something fundamental about you - making you feel like it's wrong and that you should change it.

But changing that thing would be as though you were changing something as much a part of you as your height, or race, or ancestry.

Impossible to change…

Let me tell you a story to illustrate what I'm talking about.

I have a client that's in a fairly new relationship.

She and her guy are in that MADLY in love stage - the honeymoon - where they are really gaga for one another.

They were getting along beautifully for about five months…

They laughed all the time.

They couldn't wait to see each other every day.

The sex was OFF THE HOOK.

And then something painful happened…

He started being annoyed with something about her.

She's a very intelligent, heady, analytical woman - a writer and researcher who always has to "break things down" and understand things logically.

As you can probably guess already - he's not like this.

So, late in this fantastic infatuation phase, he started subtly criticizing her for being so, well… her.

He started saying things like, "You always have to look up facts and figures, and check eighteen sources, and seek out the opinions of five experts before you'll do something."

As you can imagine, she felt pretty craptastic when he'd do this.

In fact, she felt kicked in the stomach.

But it kept happening.

And when he'd tell her a story, or bring up a topic, she'd often ask too many questions for his liking, or want to know more about it than he knew, and again he'd get annoyed.

"What does it matter?" he'd ask. "Turn that over-active brain of yours off once in a while, could you?"

She felt criticized.

She felt hurt.

But soon she felt something else…


She thought, "Maybe he's right. Maybe I am over-thinking things. Maybe I shouldn't be like that."

It was about this time that she called me.

She told me what was happening between them.

And I understood INSTANTLY what was going on.

And it was ALL in the stars. (Isn't it always? :))

You see, her Moon sign (which is the main indicator of how someone RELATES) is in Gemini, a logical, intellectual sign.

But even more importantly than this, the Moon is in a small constellation within the sign of Gemini called, "the searching star" which is all about information and research.

People born under this constellation are often writers and researchers and lifelong students.

In other words - this is WHO SHE IS.

By being so curious and inquisitive, she's being EXACTLY who she's supposed to be.

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