An Amazing Astrology Tale About The British Royal Family


An Amazing Astrology Tale About The British Royal Family
We can learn a lot about our hearts from watching the stars.

How could this possibly be?

He informed Elizabeth there would be a death all right - but not hers. He saw the death of Queen Mary...

There was just one little problem.

Queen Mary got wind of the story, and had John Dee imprisoned for sorcery, claiming he was in fact TRYING to kill her!


Remember, this was not a woman known for her forgiving heart.

And these were not times known for their humane prisons... or sanitary conditions...

Who knows the miseries John Dee endured?

Somehow he managed to be released and even pardoned after two years of imprisonment.

You'd think he'd stay out of royal affairs forever.

Heck - you'd think he'd never look at another horoscope again.

But imagine Princess Elizabeth's amazement when, just five years after his counsel and two years after his legal troubles ended, John Dee's words came to pass - Queen Mary died, and Elizabeth took the throne.

Elizabeth was so impressed that she had Dee select an auspicious date for her coronation (which must have been a doozy, as her reign was long, prosperous, and mostly peaceful).

She sought his wisdom at critical times throughout her forty years as queen, and was a friend to him for the rest of his life.


(Lucky for John Dee, in the case of Elizabeth the stars revealed glad tidings, and her good fortune led to his own.)

There is a part of Queen Elizabeth's story, I don't have to tell you, that was not so happy...


Although she had TONS of suitors, the man she loved most was MARRIED to someone else.

And even when his wife died a curiously untimely death, they did not end up together.

So although she commanded an army, had immense wealth, and enjoyed the admiration and respect of the entire world, Elizabeth remained single and childless her entire life.

(Clearly she could have used a little love coaching. I would have told her that married men virtually NEVER leave their wives - not even for queens...)

But through it all, there was another man by her side – one with a window to the heavens that helped light her way. The lucky girl!

As for me, I'm going to go look up the difference between asteroids and meteors, and count my lucky stars that I live in modern times...

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