3 Ways 'Love' Benefits Your Health


3 Ways 'Love' Benefits Your Health [EXPERT]
Find out why married couples live longer than their single counterparts.

3. Love keeps the doctor away. Many studies prove that people in a loving, long-term relationship have longer average life spans than those that are not in a partnership. Typically, when you're in a relationship, your partner cares about your health. Therefore, he or she will encourage you to watch your health and discourage bad habits such as smoking, doing drugs or working too much. No one who loves another person wants to see their partner sick. Help! My Partner Is Sabotaging My Health Goals

"Endorphins are the key. According to the National Institute of Health, love triggers the hormone oxytocin which makes us feel good. It also lowers the levels of stress chemicals in our system. Physical contact like cuddles, hugs and kisses trigger the production of oxytocin," said Jodi Prohofsky, Ph.D., L.M.F.T


I hope this article helps you understand that love has a great impact on our emotional and physical well-being. Falling in love and being in love are very positive activities. For singles that aren't currently in a relationship, you can still experience the health benefits of love through sharing love with those that are close to you such as family and friends.

Make sure that you get your daily dose of hugs, affection, smiles and physical sexual activity whenever you can!

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This article was originally published at Dating Love and Sex Tips . Reprinted with permission.
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