Why So Many Women Suffer From 'Post-Sex Blues'


Why So Many Women Suffer From 'Post-Sex Blues' [EXPERT]
If you've experienced depression after intercourse, you aren't alone.

"It can affect older women and men too," says Michael Krychman, MD, a gynecologist and executive director of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship in Newport Beach, Calif. Dr. Krychman, who has treated patients of all ages with post-sex blues, describes the feeling as "buyer's remorse." Everyday Health

Psychologists and researchers do believe that having sex raises issues in the relationship that are beyond the bedroom, and may influence some of these sad feelings. Let's face it, how one views sex based on their upbringing, past and present experiences, religion and a variety of influences, can impact how one feels during and after a romp in the sac.


So what's the cure? I'd offer that prevention may be one answer. I'm certainly not implying abstinence solves this issue, or you may just end up becoming more depressed. If you truly value partnership and intimacy when it comes to sexual experiences, and want to avoid the post-sex blues; don't jump in the sac for the physical satisfaction if the heart and mind don't agree with it. If you have self-esteem or body issues, these are things you may want to understand and address before getting involved with someone sexually. But more importantly, always talk to your family doctor, or get help from  professionals; such as a sex therapist or counsellor, if you find that post-sex blues are a recurring challenge or not manageable.

Post-sex blues happens to ten percent of women, so you are definitely not alone. Choosing a great partner who understands your physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual needs may decrease your chances of post-sex blues.

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