How To Make A Good First Impression


How To Make A Good First Impression
Learn how to make a good first impression! Opinions are formed within 6-17 seconds.

Eye Contact: Couples Eye ContactNever underestimate the importance of great eye contact! How can you be noticed if you’re not taking interest in the person that’s meeting you. Are you too distracted by the people and things around you that you are not giving the person right in front of you your complete attention. One of the biggest complaints I get from singles everywhere is that the person in front of them isn’t LOOKING at them. If you are listening, then you are engaged and great eye contact sends a positive message that you are giving them your attention and time.
Voice Inflection:38% of our body language comes through voice inflection. This is why it’s actually MORE important to focus on HOW you say things versus the words themselves! Isn’t that incredible? Have you ever bought an audio book? Can you imagine the difference it would make if the narrator told the story in a flat monotone voice without a change in pace? How interested would you be in the story? I’m not sure I would even GET the story without it being told in a way that kept me interested! So pay attention to your own tone of voice and be sure that you remember to SMILE. You can hear a smile over the phone, and you can definitely notice when someone is genuinely enjoying themselves.


There are so many things to consider when it comes to making a good first impression. As human beings we notice EVERYTHING! Smells, sights, sounds & touch all play a role in the impression we get from another person.

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