How Do I Find Love Using Personal Accountability? Great QBQTips


How Do I Find Love Using Personal Accountability? Great QBQTips
The Question Behind the Question, when it comes to finding love. These 4 great tips will help you!

2. Contain an "I" (NOT "We, Them, They or You")

3. Focus on action


So let's apply this to our search for finding the love we want. "What are the traits women find attractive in men?" "How do I get better at 1st date conversation?"  "How can I be more attractive to a person of the opposite sex?" Notice the difference in the answers and results we would get, if we asked IQ's that made us seem like the "victim". These are questions that typically begin with "WHY?" Like "Why is this happening to me?" "Why can't I meet anyone I like?" "When is Prince Charming going to knock on my door?" You don't get solutions blaming others and procrastinating!

Tip#3 Realize that I can only change me

The sooner and faster you realize the basic, fundamental & simple truth that only YOU can can change YOU; the happier, faster & closer you will be to finding the love you want. Many people in relationships waste a tonne of energy trying to "fix" someone or turn them into something that they want them to be like. You CAN'T change people. People have to want to change on their own. If I were to ask you what would you change about your dating situation? The last response most people would offer is "ME". Our thoughts typically focus on everything but us or what WE may be doing wrong, or could be doing better. Personal accountability is always about "I".

Tip#4 Take Action

Let's go back to Tip#1, make good choices. The choice to do nothing is a choice, but not a very good one. You don't get results "thinking" about things. You get results when you DO something about it. Even if you have to experience trial and error, practise makes perfect! When we make mistakes it's a blessing in disguise and our opportunity to learn from it and grown and develop into a better dater, person, lover, friend or whatever it is we are trying to become. Action leads us towards solutions while inaction leaves us in the past. "Action builds confidence; inaction, doubt". You would never discover the Top 5 challenges with online dating and how to overcome them without trying it out!

So now that you've got my take on how to ask yourself better questions; take personal accountability into your love life! Practise asking  yourself these questions to get the results you're looking for. Eliminate blame, complaining and procrastination and "really" ask yourself the questions you should be. Let us know how it works for you!


This article was originally published at Dating Love and Sex Tips . Reprinted with permission.
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