Does Penis Size REALLY Matter?

Does Penis Size REALLY Matter?

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The burning question "Is it the size of the ship or the motion in the ocean" that women care about?

Generally speaking, size matters more to MEN, than it does to the women they’re after. Unfortunately worrying about your penis size won't do you much good in the long run. This stinking thinking, along with your lack of confidence will hinder your chances to “score” with the girl, and to having better sex. Many studies report guys with big penises have more sex. Arguably this is due to these men having more confidence, hence being more attractive to the opposite sex. So there is hope for the smaller size guys if you build your confidence and know that you are a great overall lover. More women admit that guys, who have great bedroom skills compensate for their lack of size.

Achieving orgasm for many women involves clitoral stimulation, so penetration has nothing to do with orgasm at all. Women climax very differently and have numerous sexual triggers & erogenous zones to help them achieve orgasm. Satisfying sex and passionate love making is not always a direct relationship to how big your package is.
So guys don’t stress if your penis doesn’t “measure up”. Be proud of what God or Nature gave you; and know that “sticking it in” (whatever your size and girth) is not what women solely care about when it comes to having great sex. Romancing, seducing, flirting, touching, fondling, petting, licking & kissing her in all her erogenous zones; with a manly and confident attitude, is a  sure way to take the focus off your (lack of) size and on to her pleasure.

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