4 Myths About Online Dating, Debunked


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Online dating is for losers and three other myths you shouldn't believe.

A vast majority of singles understand that starting off in a lie is not the right approach to finding love online. Honesty is the best policy. Additionally, you should have your own strategy for indicators of someone who you have doubts about.

3. Online dating doesn't work. I would agree online dating doesn't work for everyone. It especially doesn't work for those who lie about their profiles, misrepresent themselves, make false statements or don't put the time, energy and effort required to ensuring online dating success.

There's a lot of people who blame online dating sites for their dating disappointments when they should be looking in the mirror and taking some of the responsibility. If you're online with a half written profile, some quick self-posing bathroom picture as your main profile photo or the infamous cropped couple pose, well online dating may not work for you.

4. Online dating isn't safe. If someone's trying to blame online dating as not being safe, it would be just as relevant to say meeting someone in a bar is not safe. Meeting a stranger is not safe. Let's face it folks, absolutely nothing is guaranteed. If safety is a concern for you, adopting great screening skills and being careful about what personal information you share with someone online is something for you to control.

I wouldn't blame an online dating site for your decision to transfer money to a man across the world you haven't met for the sick child he claims to have after two phone calls. There are many resources available to you written by dating site operators and dating coaches to help you identify and profile dating scammers and false profiles.

Online dating is responsible for thousands of marriages and happpy connections for people all over the world. As with anything you do or try in your life, the important thing to remember is to do your research, prepare for successful outcomes and don't be afraid to ask the experts or get help if you're a little intimidated by this process.

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