Do You Manipulate Your Partner To Test His Love?


Do You Manipulate Your Partner To Test His Love?
Manipulation is often used in relationships to see how much your lover really cares.

This study explores 58 common ways. What are they? I can name a few you may use on an every day basis. I will elaborate on the use of flattery and sex as a manipulations tactic, because these are the ones most women admit to using to get desired results from their partners. Other methods include jealousy, flirtation, and acts of service, massages, favors, compliments, change in behavior, distance and lack of communication.

Flattery: This is a common manipulation tactic used on a daily basis. Children do it to parents, employees to bosses, students to teachers and wives to husbands. Here's a classic example: "Honey, have I ever told you how handsome you look in that suit today?" "Mr. Smith, you are my favorite teacher in the whole world" "Mom, you're the greatest mom in the universe."


Even though all of these statements may be true, the person on the receiving end, may be "wise" to the sudden flattery, especially when it's followed by some request shortly afterwards. Or, the person receiving the flattery may have been put in such a good mood, that the timing to ask for that special favor will be answered with a desired response.

Sex: Well it doesn't take rocket science to figure out how one could manipulate sex to get something he or she wants. You may use sex as a way to reward your partner for something special he does for you or you can use it as a "take away." You might hold back sex from your partner to cause him to feel anxious and nervous to get a reaction from him that shows he cares about you. It usually puts the person wanting the sex in a position to please you, hoping you will "give it up."

When you take away sex, you create a disturbance in your normal routine (assuming sex is part of your normal routine). When you change the routine, you raise curiosity and concern over this new change. If you try to take away sex as a test and you get no reaction, then you begin to realize the state of the relationship and where you stand as a result of this manipulation tactic.

If you use sex as a "reward" or promise special sexual treats and favors from your partner if they do something for you, this is manipulation at its best form. Be careful however, that it doesn't back fire. If someone feels taken advantage of one too many times, you may find yourself alone, without anyone to manipulate.

If you are using manipulation to test your partner you join hundreds of others that share in the same practices. I'd hope you wouldn't have to apply manipulation tactics to test your partner's love. The use of gentle persuasion may be necessary from time to time, but having to test your partner constantly may be a sign that you need to re-evaluate your relationship.

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