3 Relationship Dilemma’s When Searching For Your SoulMate [EXP]


3 Relationship Dilemma’s When Searching For Your SoulMate [EXP]
Have you ever considered the downside to searching for your soul mate? Let's explore them shall we?

On the same notion as point #2, when you discover your soul mate is not a mind reader and has certain attributes you find undesirable, you’re already starting to doubt the relationship. If you are too focused on your search to find a soul mate, you tend to be less patient and forgiving when challenges present themselves in the relationship. You adopt an attitude and belief that your soul mate is somewhere out there, so you have to keep looking. Even if the man you’re with is a completely suitable and loving partner. Chemistry fades over time, while deep emotional feelings, love, respect and appreciation grows if you nurture your relationships. Imagine if you could replace family members because THEY didn't act or behave the way you expected them to? There would be a lot MORE broken families if we all behaved that way. 



Understand when it comes to finding love and your belief in romantic destiny vs romantic growth; you may ironically find yourself alone and disappointed if you continually sift through & change perfectly suitable men; who may totally have everything you want in a soul mate.  A soul mate doesn't mean you have a relationship free from conflict and stress. In my opinion, it’s the people who believe in the relationship enough to do what it takes to make it work and last within a safe, healthy and loving environment; free of conditions.

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