10 Signs Your Marriage May Be Headed In Divorce


10 Signs Your Marriage May Be Headed In Divorce
Read these 10 tell tale signs to tell if your marriage is heading in the wrong direction.

7. Lots of alone time – Are you finding yourself alone a lot? Are you attending family functions by yourself? Are you always getting an excuse from your partner why they don’t want to come with you to your events or functions? Is your partner always “busy” with their own interests and spending time with his/her friends? Take this as a sign.
8. You feel like you're room mates – When is the last time you had those butterfly feelings?
9. You or your partner is always stressed – Stress is a negative emotion and actually causes physical and mental health challenges. Is your partner constantly irritated and having difficulty sleeping? Are they constantly tired and distracted and have a hard time concentrating? Are they irritable, forgetful and socially withdrawn? Stress can kill any relationship if not dealt with. Too much stress in the marriage will lead to the road of separation
10. You fight over stupid things – If you notice that you spend more time bickering than loving one another, this is a sign. If you’re easily annoyed and seem to lack any sort of patience for your partner, it’s a sign that you’ve lost basic respect and that you just don’t “like” your partner anymore.

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