Top 25 Places To Have Sex In America


best places to have sex in america
A new book offers suggestions for where to get it on.

16) In a Cemetery on a Dark, Foggy Night
Somebody needs to liven up the place. How To Date A (Real-Life) Vampire

17) In the Stairwell of Your Office Building
The best way to mix business with pleasure.


18) In a Tent on a Camping Trip
Reward him for setting up the tent by making sure he pitches another one later.

19) On a Bearskin Rug by the Fire
Yes, it's a cliche, but there must be a reason it's so popular...

20) At the Lincoln Memorial
Emancipate your desire. Politics Will Affect Your Relationship

21) In the Confessional
You can repent immediately after you've finished sinning. 

22) In the Loft of a Barn Full of Hay
Take a roll in the hay, literally.

23) At Your Team's Stadium
Even if they lose, you'll feel like a winner. How To Enjoy Watching Sports With Your Man

24) At a Sex Museum
Learn it, then live.

25)  Climax, CO
See if the town lives up to its name.

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