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Merry Christmas! It's The Best Of YourTango.

christmas tree with presents
Love, Family

We've wrapped up this week's awesome YourTango content just for you.

Since you've been so good this year, this week's best content on YourTango is our gift to you. Stuff your stockings with a Love Buzz full of hints for happy relationships, a Celeb Love post about the bond between a spy and his sidekick, and a Tomfoolery column about a racy advertisement. Under the tree is an essay about an interfaith relationship during the holidays, a community blog about marrying your muse, and a video about getting it on in your childhood home.  Rip off the ribbon and start reading!
Make your Christmas together a merry one with these helpful tips
Just how close were Holmes and Watson?
A controversial advertisement in New Zealand is getting very mixed reviews.
After she lit the Chanukah candles, she looked for a Christian boyfriend to get her into the holiday spirit.
A husband and a muse in one make marriage a gift.
A kiss under the mistletoe is fine, but where do you stand on getting hot and heavy in your parent's house?