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Katy Perry: Russell Brand Is A Bridezilla


Katy Perry says her fiancé, Russell Brand, is "like a freak" over their upcoming nuptials.

It feels like just yesterday that Brittish comedian Russell Brand whisked his girlfriend, singer Katy Perry, off on a romantic vacation to India and proposed to her on New Year's Eve. Katy Perry Is Officially Branded

After the proposal, of course, comes the planning. DigitalSpy reports that Katy says this is more of Russell's domain. "You should see — he's always, like, buying bride magazines," she told MTV. "He's a total bridezilla. He's like a freak." Is Your Fiancé A Groomzilla?

"I'm not that obsessed with plans. But if we stop for breakfast, he has to stop and get Bride magazine. It gets a little crazy."

Don't count on Russell doing all of the planning, though. K.P. says she will start to figure out the wedding day details after she finishes planning her next album, and she's looking forward to the task. "I'm really exicted about that," she said.

For our part, we're excited to see what all the planning leads up to. It's also really adorable to know that the crass funnyman has a sweet side.

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.


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