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Julianne Moore, Amanda Seyfried Have Lesbian Sex

Julianne Moore, Amanda Seyfried Have Lesbian Sex

A lesbian sex scene in their new movie has Amanda Seyfried hooking up with Julianne Moore.

In their new film Chloe, Amanda Seyfried plays a hooker who's hired by Julianne Moore to see if her husband (Liam Neeson) would cheat on her. Then, as Celebitchy puts it, "sexy shenanigans ensue." We at YourTango are all in favor of sexy shenanigans, but are somewhat surprised to see the usually wholesome Seyfried taking such a role. Why We Love Channing Tatum And Amanda Seyfried

While the end result is sure to be scorching hot—how could it not be when such beautiful women are involved?—the process of filming it is much more clinical. Moore told People, "Whenever you have an intimate scene with somebody, you're very prepared. Everyone knows exactly what's happening and it's usually very choreographed."

Even so, Seyfried admits that she was intimidated at first. She's quoted in CelebNewsWire as saying, "No intimate love scene like that is going to be easy whether it's with a man or a woman. I think we got through it as best we could." Now that it's over, though, she tells People, "I'll never forget that." We're sure audiences won't, either.

There was more than just the idea of having lesbian sex with the gorgeous Julianne Moore that drew Seyfried to the role, though. From Monsters and Critics:

"It's a character that wouldn't come up very often for a person my age," says Seyfried, promoting the film at a recent roundtable with reporters at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. What will her fans make of her switch to such a dark-side role? "Hopefully they will see me as an actress, rather than just a sweetheart," she says. "I think Chloe is going to raise the bar a bit," adding, I hope it's a turning point."

We wonder which sex scene is hotter: the Seyfried/Moore pairing or the Jolie/Depp coupling. Rumored Jolie/Depp Sex Scenes Sure To Sizzle.


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