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Chynna Phillips Teases Billy Baldwin With Divorce


Billy Baldwin and Chynna Phillips
She filed for divorce on Friday, but changed her mind on Sunday. What a difference a weekend makes.

Fresh out of rehab for anxiety (we hear public revelations of family incest will cause such), Chynna Phillips filed for divorce from her husband of 18 years, Billy Baldwin, while he was filming Gossip Girl in New York. Why I'm Done With Marriage

48 hours later, she had a change of heart.

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Phillips decided to "hold on" to her marriage to Baldwin. (Bonus points for those who understood the Wilson Phillips reference. We just couldn't help ourselves.) Perhaps the musician is looking to set a record with the actor? After all, 18 years is an eternity in Hollywood. There are also three children to consider.

As the couple's manager says, "They are two people who ... are deeply in love. They are committed to staying together." Stay Together or Break Up? How To Decide Now

Maybe Baldwin gave his wife "a reason to believe" that their marriage would improve. Again, we apologize for the pun, it was just too easy.

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No matter what—since there was no domestic violence or police report—these two are doing infinitely better than the Sheens. Charlie Sheen Is Violent, Likes Threesomes

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.

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