Bruce Springsteen's Affair With A Bootyful Woman


bruce springsteen likes big butts
Bruce Springsteen liked her backside, divorce papers say.

We'd like to believe that Bruce would never cheat on his wife and bandmate, if only because we'd rather not acknowledge another celebrity icon proving to be as flawed and regular as the rest of us, but we can't. Both The Telegraph and New York Magazine confirm the story.  With the details of his affair being reported across the Atlantic Ocean, we'd have to be in an Egyptian river (that's denial, folks) to believe that he was never involved with this other woman.

Now, before people begin to burn their copies of Born To Run out of frustration and dismay, let's consider something: what if both sides are correct? What if Anne Kelly was sexually involved with Bruce Springsteen while both of them were married AND Bruce and Patti continue to be devoted to one another? What we're suggesting is, what if The Boss and his wife have an open marriage? It's not really "cheating" if she's comfortable with the arrangement. Of course, maybe it would have been best to make sure that the other people involved were swingers, too. Still, we've heard of married couples with even stranger situations. Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni: Both Having Affairs

 Whatever happens in his personal life, this celeb-lover will stick by Springsteen out of appreciation for his music and out of home-state pride. Plus,  if the singer breaks out front-row tickets when he's trying to impress a woman, who knows what kind of swag he'll shower on a loyal fan?

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