9 Unromantic Movies For Valentine's Day


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These films will be a much needed respite from V Day romance, roses, and sweets.

Aside from Kevin Connelly's character, the men in this film killed the female romantic dream, one cliche at a time.  There was the man who cheated on his wife repeatedly, the man who dragged his feet on his way to the altar, and the man who leads women on and then insists that he didn't send any signals. Men, if you're not into us, grow a pair and just tell us flat-out. We promise, we'll survive. IDUMP4U Does The Breaking Up For You

6) The Breakup
However wonderful the beginning of the relationship may have been, watching it slowly devolve and disintegrate is upsetting.  Luckily, Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston  found a way to make the upsetting slightly humorous.


7) Any Pauly Shore movie
Do we really need to expand on why?  We didn't think so.

8) American Pie
Jim and the gang spend so much time trying to get laid, they completely ignore the romantic aspect of sex.  Humping baked goods and scoring with a MILF tickles the funny bone, but it doesn't melt the heart. My Mom Is A Cougar

9) Gone Baby Gone
In an attempt to recover a missing a child, a man's relationship with his wife is ripped apart and his trust in his coworker is shattered.  He takes comfort in the fact that he still has his principles, but after putting everything he has on the line, he finds that he has made no difference.  All types of love—romantic, familial, and platonic—are ruined in this film, which ruins any hope of warm and fuzzy feelings.

10) Boys Don't Cry
Two lovers are torn apart by the rampant homophobia in their small town. Such unrestrained hatred is hard to watch. All love has its hardships, but we watch this and we wonder if we can handle the burdens of a relationship



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