6 Celebrity Couples Who Work(ed) Together


christine taylor and ben stiller
Sometimes mixing business and pleasure works, sometimes it doesn't.

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor
Ben and Christine met on the set of a never-released television pilot in 1999 and married in 2000. Since their wedding, they've made three successful movies together—Zoolander,  Dodgeballand Tropic Thunder—and have had two children. They often take adversarial roles on-screen, but maybe this helps make their personal lives more amicable. Perhaps pretending to hate each other at work is the secret to combining work and love. Combining Work And Love: Is It Possible?

John Phillips and Michelle Phillips
Michelle and John were married for eight years (from New Year's Eve 1962 until 1970), but their attempt to combine work and love was rocky at best. After they wed, they joined forces with Denny Doherty to create a band, which would later be known as The Mamas and the Papas. While the band was successful in the mid-1960's, John and Michelle's marriage suffered. In fact, she and Doherty were caught having an affair and she was formally asked to leave the group soon after. Though she was asked to rejoin the band only two months later, and her union with her husband lasted another four years after her infidelity, both relationships eventually ended.

Milo Ventimiglia and Alexis Bledel
Viewers who loved watching Rory and Jess's relationship on Gilmore Girls must have been psyched to learn that the actors were also paramours off-screen. After three and a half years together, though, the couple broke up. Apparently, the split was a rough one. When talking about the breakup on a Heroes fansite, he said, "There's an emotion that goes with that, and it's reflected in you physically. I didn't really keep myself together as I should have." In fact, we once heard a rumor that, after the relationship was over, Milo said he would only return to film a Gilmore Girls episode if they killed off his character. Ouch!

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