5 Things The Olympics Teach Us About Love


pairs figure skating
Beyond feats of strength, speed and agility, the Olympics have a lot to teach us about love.

4) The littlest things make the biggest difference
Olympic events are often won and lost by fractions of a second and small details, like the fabric of a racing uniform, can have a huge impact on an individual's performance. Likewise, small actions can make a big difference in a relationship. Thoughtful gestures—like DVRing her favorite show or picking up his favorite food for dinner—don't take much time, but they do make a big impact in your partner's mind. It's true: The little things really do add up. Why Guys Love Sports

5) You have to live and love in the moment
After a lifetime of dreaming and years of preparation, an Olympian has only two weeks to compete and (hopefully) achieve victory. This moment comes but once in a lifetime—twice if they're lucky—so it behooves these athletes to enjoy it as much as they can. Love is a similarly rare experience. If you're fortunate enough to have found someone you love who—gasp!—actually loves you back, enjoy the heck out of it. Don't worry too much about the future, and don't overanalyze the other person's past. Just enjoy your time together as you experience it.

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