The Power of Positive Relationships


The Power of Positive Relationships
Negativity is a habit. Play the Positivity Game and your relationship will perk up.

No one bats a thousand at this. As a practice, though, it makes life more beautiful, and it transports our intimate relationships to a place where the weather is sunny much more often than not. Wouldn’t you rather live in Hawaii than Siberia?

If your partner is up for it, I invite you to try playing The Positivity Game. For an agreed-upon amount of time, say nothing but positive things to each other. No matter what the subject—your kids, politics, your relationship—stay upbeat. At times, it may go against your grain and seem cloying. Do it anyway.

Here’s what I predict: you’ll find that you relax and become less on guard with each other. This is because evolution has designed us humans always to be on the lookout for danger. Negative communications are signals of danger—they’re announcements that there’s something to be afraid of. Eliminate these negative signals and your defenses go down. No predators! When the sun is out, we tend to bask and relax.

As a regular practice, The Positivity Game can transform a self-defeating life habit into a wise habit—and it can transform your relationship from a dangerous place requiring ongoing vigilance to a sanctuary of peace and light.


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Carl Frankel is the managing director of Sheri Winston's Center for the Intimate Arts. We help people enjoy great sex and relationships.

Sheri Winston is the author of the award-winning Women's Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure. She also teaches in-person at locations throughout the US and overseas. We also offer very affordable online classes that you can view in the privacy of your home at your convenience.

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