Love Is Not The Same


Love Is Not The Same
Lion Goodman muses on the changeable nature of true love, from day to day, and from woman to woman.

But when you take the time to consider the entire ocean beneath you, with its infinite depth and variety, its support of trillions of life forms, on the source of life on earth, it’s easier to love and appreciate it. 

Give some attention to your attention this week.  Are you looking at your woman at the surface level, on how she appears at this moment?  Are you thinking about her last critical comment or the question she asked, the one that bugged the hell out of you?  Is your attention on one part of her physical body, the one that has begun to sag or wrinkle?  Or are you noticing her depth – the oceanic qualities of her wildness, beauty, creativity, intelligence, and joy?  


Let your love take the shape of her in her fullness: in the child she once was, the young maiden that attracts you and turns you on, the lover who receives and welcomes you into her, the mother who birthed and cares for the children (or will one day), the maturing woman of knowledge, and the wise elder crone she will become.  She is all of these at once, as her form passes through the river of time.  She is a unique version of the Divine Feminine, the one who appears in all forms, including your own. 

Love this ever-changing, ever-growing manifestation of Woman, and your love will continue to grow, and deepen, and ripen.  You will come into the fullness of your own True Love.

Article contributed by

Carista Luminare, Ph.D. & Lion Goodman

Marriage/Couples Counselor

Carista and Lion


Carista Luminare, Ph.D.   &   Lion Goodman



Location: San Rafael, CA
Credentials: PhD
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