Busy Mom? 3 Ways To Find Time For Sex (And Why It's Important)

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Having a healthy sex life can make your home—and your family—a happier place.

Facilitating a satisfying, vibrant sex life is a critical component of marriage and one that women can sometimes abandon once the demands of family expand in quantity and import. Women often serve as the CEO of the family—coordinating schedules, logistics, long/short term goals—basically making sure the entity is running smoothly. This is a difficult and consuming job, so sex sometimes falls off the radar. Women feel justified in this, almost like a martyr, sacrificing everything for their family. But there's a secret. Sex is not only important for the individual and the couple but also for the entire family. Exploring the value of sex is critical in helping women prioritize sexual intimacy in their lives. Here are three good reasons to have sex:

1. Sex is good for your health. Sex can reduce stress and tension, and create feelings of physical and emotional well-being. Sex is also part of self-care. Just like exercise, time with friends and spirituality are important self-care activities, so is sex. Sex is a way of honoring one’s needs and desires, and to do so can create energy that is grounding, youthful and full of vitality. 16 Mind-blowing Health And Beauty Benefits Of Doin' The Dirty


2. Sex is also good for your relationship. We hear this a lot, but how does sex really benefit a relationship? Sex is a separate category of intimacy. Different than emotional intimacy, family intimacy, life-partner intimacy—it is a wordless, sacred bond that distinguishes a couple relationship. Spending this kind of time together creates closeness, good will, and a bonding that is unlike any other. It fans the flames of romance and makes both partners feel more invested and connected. In spite of fatigue and conflicts, couples should absolutely prioritize sex as it is truly akin to prioritizing and deeply tending to the relationship.

3. Sex between husband and wife is good for the whole family. Truly. It creates an unconscious energy in the house between the couple—a closeness, an intimacy. This bond can be felt by the children and sets a wonderful example of love, commitment and safety. There is almost no better thing a parent can do for a child than to love their spouse, and sex is an important extension of that. A child who experiences his/her parents as close and connected experiences a sense of well-being and security that carries over to how they move through the world and through their own relationships. 9 Reasons Couples Should Have More Sex

 - YourTango Expert and Psychologist, Dr. Hillary Goldsher

In other words: sex—think about it, plan it, schedule it and then just do it. Your health, your relaitonship and your kids will benefit from you being a happier, more fulfilled woman.

Dr. Hillary Goldsher, Psy.D, MBA is a licensed clinical psychologist who has a private practice in Beverly Hills, CA.

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