4 Tips To Make The Most Of An 'Aha' Moment


4 Tips To Make The Most Of An 'Aha' Moment [EXPERT]
An "aha moment" is an epiphany or revelation. Have you had one lately?

2. Think about what you can do differently as a result of this new discovery. The one thing we each have more control over than anything else is our own behavioral choices. If I want to change something, the first thing I have to change is my own actions. As Albert Einstein once said, "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." But changing habits of behavior is not easy.

You will be more successful in turning your epiphany into a change if you have a plan. And a plan starts with a ponder. What can you do that is different, as a result of your new inspiration? Let's say you discover that your lover really likes to hear you moan when you are making love, but you are generally quiet. You have a choice to keep doing what is normal for you or you can try a little moaning and see what happens.You might discover that it's fun for you as well as your partner. If you decide to try something different, that's a plan.


Perhaps you have been reading an article about "fighting fair" in your relationship and you have an aha moment about something you do that repeatedly backfires. You want to change, but it is not obvious to you what to do differently. So you take notes and decide on something worth trying.

3. You can tweak the plan. Gather information from experimenting or from others. Evaluate the results and keep experimenting until you are confident that you have a plan you are satisfied with.

4. Practice, practice and practice. A new behavior won't become a new habit unless it is repeated over and over. You will also get the results you want over and over; it becomes self reinforcing.

The important takeaway here is: don't let those aha moments go to waste. If they can be converted into a new habit that gets you better results, work those inspirations. Write them down, brainstorm, make a plan and practice, practice, practice. How do you think Oprah got to be as successful as she is? All By Yourself? 10 Ways To Overcome Loneliness

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