From Victim to Bully


From Victim to Bully
How excruciating shyness could lead to an inner life of revenge fantasies ending in tragedy.

What if the Adam Lanzas of the world knew all about the emotions of shame and anger and shyness and that there were effective things you could do about these painful experiences? What if their families and teachers and counselors understood that revenge fantasies are normal but not helpful and it is critically important to learn better ways of dealing with our powerful emotions?  What if everyone learned, early on, that there are teachable strategies to deal with emotional difficulties like fear and anger and shyness and shame?  Violence would not end.  Teasing and emotional abuse would not end.  But the terrible echoes of pain and shame and their consequences could be much less.

Want to see a true superhero movie about solutions to the pain of shame?  Go see The King’s Speech.

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