5 Ways To Be Happier In A Relationship


5 Ways To Be Happier In A Relationship [EXPERT]
It takes effort to make a happy relationship last.

3. Try new things together.  Whether it is in the bedroom or on the ski slopes, this is a practice that can enrich any relationship. It will probably begin with one of you asking and the other listening. But after you try this "new thing" together, it is important for both to share their reactions so the dance of mutual learning can be a skill you build together.

4. Express gratitude towards eachother. Expressing and accepting gratitude is a natural for improving relationships, and not just your most intimate relationship. Making "thank you" sincere is an art involving creativity and empathy. Otherwise it can become a relatively meaningless routine; it can even be perceived as sarcastic. Because expressing gratitude, even silently, is uplifting. But finding ways to express it outwardly is even more important for your relationship.


5. Show a lot of affection. If done with creativity and empathy and learning will make the other one person feel good, loved and cared for. This does involve effort because you, when you are in a relationship, you should care enough to do it well. Of course, seek feedback to find out how the caring behavior worked for the other person.

These can be practiced throughout the lifetime of a relationship; I, personally, guarantee that you will both be happier. 5 Truths About Long-Term Committed Relationships

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