Bullying: What Can Parents Do? [EXPERT}


Bullying: What Can Parents Do? [EXPERT}
Bullying is something every child will experience. Parents can prepare children for this reality.

2) Teach your children resilience skills.

Understanding the feelings and developing choices about how to respond to feelings gives us all more flexibility.  Without choices, we find our behavior and internal life dictated by the primal emotions evoked by teasing or bullying.  Shame makes us hide, surrender, and want revenge. We can be creative and resourceful in developing other responses when we understand what is happening.  Children can be enormously resilient.  The more they are encouraged and supported in developing creative responses to life's challenges, the more resilient they can be.


3) Encourage your children to stand up to bullying when they witness it.

It is not necessary to overpower a bully in order to stand up to bullying.  You don’t have to be superman to be a hero. Choosing not to be a passive observer is one way of taking a stand.  Befriending the target of bullying is a way of standing with the
targeted one rather than standing with the bully.  Reporting or helping to report bullying is another way of standing up.  And the various acts of standing up against bullying helps build a feeling of compassionate strength that helps the child feel stronger in their own self image.

Children may ask, “What if standing up to bullying makes you a target?”  The fact is that fearing the bully already makes you a target, and there is no guarantee that hiding will protect you.  Figuring out the safest ways to stand up to bullying is the best way to avoid becoming a victim.

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