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Why Did Ozzy Osbourne Relapse?

We recently wrote an article about Ozzy Osbourne's fall off the wagon. However, that article was written very much from the viewpoint of what his wife Sharon should do in her Read More

Your Pregnancy: To Drink Or Not To Drink

Sometimes researchers—even very good researchers—don't ask the obvious questions. Sometimes, they just get too close to their objects of study and forget to step back and take in the wider view. Many years ago, a French scientist was researching the power of electrical impulse to ...

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Ozzy Osbourne's Relapse: Should Sharon Divorce Him?

The Osbournes have survived 30 years of addiction, showbiz and scathing headlines in their marriage, but it may be the end for this celebrity couple. After ten years of sobriety, Read More

Can You Still Love Your Alcoholic Spouse?

Can you really love an alcoholic? If you read most advice columns it would suggest that love and the alcoholic are two words seldom used in the same sentence. The usual advice is get away from the alcoholic as quickly as possible, run now ...

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Denial? Me? – No never!

  Last week I said farewell to my friend Michael, someone who had helped me get sober and stay sober in a happy and satisfied way (you can read my goodbye here).  Unfortunately he could not get the same satisfaction and peace that I had and ...

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Articles by Dr John McMahon & Lou Lewis
Ozzy Osbourne's relapse

Why Did Ozzy Osbourne Relapse?

After 10 years of sobriety, he relapsed. Why would he do this?

pregnant drinking

Your Pregnancy: To Drink Or Not To Drink

A new study reveals light drinking may benefit your baby. Would you risk it?

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne relapse

Ozzy Osbourne's Relapse: Should Sharon Divorce Him?

This is one decision that only the Osbournes can make.

happy couple

Can You Still Love Your Alcoholic Spouse?

If you live with an alcoholic, fleeing isn't your only option.


Denial? Me? – No never!

Too many die of alcoholism needlessly when a simple assessment can put you on the road to recovery.

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