The Double Standards Between Men & Women


Let's face it, there have always been double standards between men and women when it comes to sex!

Not only was she a true lady, elegant and graceful with her presentation of her position, she was also quite direct and eloquent in her response to Rush Limbaugh's disgusting and uncalled for judgment of her. I was happy to hear that President Obama called and thanked her for standing up for what she believed in. Otherwise, what message are we giving to women everywhere who are willing to be brave and speak up? To just shut up and be quiet or we will be shut down? This is an outrage! What gives men like Rush Limbaugh and other men in government the right to treat us like trash when we speak out eloquently about a real issue that needs some resolve? 

The difference between contraception and most other drugs that insurance companies covers is that this type of contraception is specifically a woman's issue in men's eyes. I wonder how many men would like to be told what they can and can't do with their bodies. After all, women can't get pregnant on their own naturally and obviously men are not providing protection either or we wouldn't see so many teenage moms or unwanted pregnancies outside of marriage.


No matter how you feel about contraception and whether it should be covered by insurance, the real point here is this: We should all have the right to speak our truth and beliefs. I haven't heard of any of the men who've been speaking against this issue being called anything like a slut or a whore. It's not a wonder that women have been afraid to speak out because each time they do, the story gets turned around and she is blamed.

When I was in high school, there was a female classmate who was raped and I recall hearing kids talking about it and blaming her. This was quite shocking at the time because I knew the girl, who was sweet, more known as geeky, and definitely not promiscuous in any way. When she got back after the incident and people found out, it got so bad for her that she had to leave the school. Why? Because she was the victim of rape and men controlled the police and court system and there was not an ounce of empathy or compassion. That was the whole reason why I never told anyone when I was date raped at the age of sixteen, a few months later. Unfortunately, at sixteen I wasn't as brave as I am today. 5 Shocking New Facts About Rape

Finally, women are fed up and tired of being shut down and being quiet. We are waking up and it's about time. The health and wellness of women has been overlooked for far too long and women deserve the right to take care of their bodies so that they aren't irresponsibly bringing children into the world are not ready for. How To Get Him To Use Protection

(2) New study shows female genital mutilation exposes women and babies to significant risk at childbirth" (Press release). World Health Organization. 2006-06-02.

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