Have You & Your Partner Lost That Lovin’ Feeling?


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10 simple things to spark that desire and set your love life on fire again!

6. Write your man a sexy love letter. Leave it somewhere he will find it while you're doing your thing and after reading it, he's yours.

7. Take a bubble bath with some essential oils and if you have extra time you can even add rose petals to the bath. Baths are relaxing, sensual, help you to connect with your body, and afterwards you have the benefit of smelling delicious and feeling beautiful.

8. Plan some special alone time together. He will really appreciate you wanting to be alone with only him.

9. Be spontaneous. Men love spontaneity and appreciate you initiating it sometimes too.  What Does “Learn a Lesson” In Relationships Mean?

10. Sex Butter is going to be your new best friend! This is an amazing all natural sexual enhancement and lubrication product that is for feeling, healing, fun, spontaneity, and the best part — easy and effortless orgasm! How could anyone resist? He will really appreciate this surprise, which looks like a high-end eye cream so no embarrassing packaging will be lying around.

Whether you're married or have been in a relationship for awhile, it's easy to get stuck in a rut with all of us having such busy, encumbered, multi-tasking lives. These ten simple tips can help keep your intimacy alive and your relationship will be more fun and fulfilling for both of you.




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