Have You & Your Partner Lost That Lovin’ Feeling?


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10 simple things to spark that desire and set your love life on fire again!

After many years of being in a committed relationship, both people very busy, kids running around, family obligations, and possibly even two careers and a household to manage, it’s not shocking that intimacy would be the last thing on someone's mind.

It's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine of life and meanwhile the things that are most cherished get lost in the shuffle. Whether it's because you're too tired, doing too much, or putting everything ahead of yourself and your partner, lack of intimacy in a relationship can definitely take a toll. 3 Keys to Creating More Physical Intimacy With Your Partner

In 2011, Durex did a survey asking about the frequency of sex versus people's satisfaction levels. Here are the findings:

  • "Satisfaction with what we do 'in the bedroom' is mediocre ... we're not as happy as we could be or want to be."
  • "Almost 2/3 of us don't feel we have sex often enough."
  • "Half believe our sex lives lack excitement & variety." (1)

It is not a good sign that relationships are lacking in the area of couple’s bonding. Intimacy is so important in a relationship for many reasons, one being that it can be the glue that keeps things together during stressful times and it even reduces stress. (2)

There are some really simple and fun things you can do that can help bring back that lovin' feeling if you just take a few minutes and put some effort into it. I bet your partner will appreciate it as well! How To Appreciate A Failed Relationship (Yes, I'm Serious)

1. Buy sexy underwear and then wear them daily no matter what you're wearing and where you're going. Even though nobody will see them except your man when he removes them or watches you sensually take them off, you will have that sexy feeling all the time knowing you're feeling sexy "on the inside!"

2. Shop for sexy lingerie and if you get home before your man, slip into your new sexy lingerie and surprise him when he opens the door. He won't be able to resist you!

3. We all feel better when we work out. Physical activity gets the adrenaline flowing and helps us feel energized, revitalized, and gets the blood flowing. How To Get Him To Work Out

4. Read books or magazine articles on sexuality. This can be so much fun and give you some great ideas on how to be creative, learn some things you may not already know, and spice up your love life.

5. Buy some candles to create a more romantic ambiance. Candlelight creates a glowing affect so females feel more sensual and beautiful — inspiring more excitement and desire. 7 Ways To Make Your Love Life More Sensual

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