Field Guide to Chicks of the United States


Field Guide to Chicks of the United States
Field Guide to Chicks of the United States by Joe Bovino, is quite the witty practical guide for men

Field Guide to Chicks of the United States by Joe Bovino, is quite the witty practical guide for men who are looking for a specific type of woman.  It feels cartoonlike in nature and gives a lot of interesting information that could really be a help to many men out there. 

Yes, it does break women down categorically, however I must say if you know any of these type of women, it is quite funny and accurate.  Warning: you must have a sense of humor to read this and not take it overly seriously.  The author admits in the beginning that “It’s undoubtedly true that inner beauty is what really counts with Chicks” and then goes on to celebrate the rich diversity of American women, breaking them down into subcultures.  Subcultures include:
Those with “heavy baggage”
Sexually charged
Ethnically mixed


Within the subcultures there is a vast amount of information like:
Physical traits & features
Typical size, body type, & whether she is likely to have had plastic surgery
Sense of fashion
How friendly, neurotic, nesting likelihood, maintenance, and superficial possibilities
Possibility of promiscuity
How long it will take you to “hit a home run” with her

Like I said earlier, this is a great, funny, book with a lot of valid information however you must have a sense of humor, especially women, to read it.  It’s really a “guys guide to chicks”.  For a guy who is thinking about a major move and is single wanting to meet Ms. Right, you should definitely check this book out!

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