4 Quick Tips For A Sexier Voice


Your voice can sound naturally sensual and enticing by practicing these easy exercises.

3. Resonate and Vibrate: A resonant voice is one that is rich in overtones. It's the kind of lush sound you often hear in radio and TV announcers. The vibrations in a resonant voice can actually create a calming, relaxing effect in the listener. Combined with appropriate pitch and expression, such a voice can also elicit sensual feelings in those who hear it. The magic ingredient in creating a resonant sound is vocal placement or focus. This means speaking in such a manner that the sound of your voice is amplified into the vocal mask. (See the exercise above for a description of the mask.) Here's an exercise to help place your voice in that resonating area:

Exercisevibrating consonants:  You can activate the resonators in the mask by singing the word "bumble bee" up and down the scale. Stress the consonants "b" and "m", and keep the "u" vowel short. If you do this properly, it should tickle your lips! If you don't like to sing or have trouble maintaining pitch, then you can simply repeat "bumble bee" by starting in your lower register (without worrying about pitch), then going to your middle register and then your mid-high range. Don't strain your voice by going uncomfortably high. For a variation, instead of "bumble bee", try using more sensual expressions like "be my baby" or "come to me". Just be sure you emphasize the consonants and keep the vowels short.


Is Your Voice A Turn-Off?

4. Express Yourself:  Allowing genuine feeling and desire to come through your voice can be both endearing and enticing to your date or partner. But if you don't have the facility or confidence to do that without sounding like you're acting, try this:

Exercisegrounding your voice in authentic body sensations: Put on your iPod, mp3 or DVD player the kind of music that you find arousing. Let the sound permeate every cell of your body. Then, staying attuned to the sensations in your body, let your voice begin to describe what you're feeling. Or, if you are more aroused by the kinesthetic (movement and touch) than the auditory, try dancing sensually to the music. Again, keeping in contact with your body sensations, use your voice to express the way you're feeling. And, when you see your lover, bring to mind and body, those delicious sensations you were experiencing while listening and/or dancing to those provocative tunes.

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