Rush Limbaugh: A Wounded Soul In A Confused Culture


Rush Limbaugh: A Wounded Soul In A Confused Culture
A look at how Limbaugh's misguided view of women evolved, and how courageous men are changing it.

More recently, a dedicated group of highly evolved men, who realize that the old ways of being a man lead to divisiveness, aggression and isolation, are espousing a new model called “The Awakened Man” which is life-sustaining, creative and generative. Men like Stephen Dinan (The Ultimate Men's Summit), Edward Mills The Awakened Man Summit, Sam Keen, John Welwood, and Robert Bly are among the leaders in this powerful movement.

And, the man, who I believe most beautifully expresses this vision of the new man, is former criminal attorney, and current psychotherapist and author, Jeff Brown. He also writes for the TV program,Good Morning America and has written for The Washington Post. About a year ago, Jeff published a stunning, heart-wrenching treatise entitled, “Apologies to the Divine Feminine”. I recently blogged about it in my post, “Man to Woman: A Heart Healing Revelation”.

Rush, I urge you to read Jeff’s poem. Perhaps it will help you to begin to understand some of your own fears and to develop compassion toward women and toward your own wounded heart.  And I applaud those men and women who are striving to create a world in which we no longer disrespect and diminsh. but, rather, honor and empower one another.

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