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Are you a single woman over 40, scared you’ll be alone forever and losing hope of ever meeting your special man? I know how you feel because I was there...until I became a first-time ...

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"I'm Not Just a Dating Coach...I'm a Dating Success Story."

I was 47 when I found the love of my life and married for the first time. When my husband and I met I had a lovely house, thriving career, spectacular friends and lots of nice things. I also had a fierce pride for my independence and my accomplishments.

We met on As a single woman I had created a nice life for myself, but finding love was the yummy icing on the cake. My passion is sharing my success with other women over 40 who think this can't happen in their lives, and are scared that they will grow old alone. Not only can you find companionship and love in midlife; but it's a great time to be looking!

My 6-Step Find Hope and then Find Him Program gently yet directly guides you through the self-discovery, education, and real life experience that helped me make this remarkable shift in my life. (Except you do it much faster then I did!) Through compassionately sharing my successes, as well as my mistakes, I have helped countless women learn to love themselves and find the man to share that love.

If you're like I was: successful and confident in other parts of your life, but frustrated and disappointed with your search for love...if you're feeling like a life that includes a deep and meaningful relationship is out of your reach...if you have been looking but never is your time!

Read my blog and get my other free coaching and tips at
Or get in touch by calling 562.608.8685 or emailing I look forward to meeting you!

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The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

My entire adult life has been about helping adults enrich and improve their lives through learning and personal development. I spent 25 years in the corporate world creating and delivering training programs that taught people how to communicate with one another, provide excellent service, sell things, use computers, be good consultants, managers, and mentors…you name it. I even taught men and women in the Navy how satellites orbit and communicate to earth. I enjoyed it; and I was successful.

Then I met and married my husband. When I told my story to single women I got the same response: You Give Me Hope, and then...How Did You Do It??  I realized that I had something new to teach. Women like me needed to know exactly how I shifted my life from one of a contented single gal to a fulfilled  and joyful married one. 

So now that's what I am lucky enough to do - and I'm grateful for it every day -- I help single women in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond Find Hope and then Find Him. 

Success Stories

Karen is dating at 63, having fun and getting results!

WOW Bobbi…..what a difference you have made in the way I think about men and myself. I love your kindness, patience, and exceptional coaching advice. In just a short time you have moved me along from being scared to having fun dating.

I know your goal for me was to actually be asked out on a second date and give the guy a chance. Well today I had my third date and because of you and I was not scared. You gave me the words and encouragement to let him know how I felt and it worked like a charm. We both smiled and said “we got through that”. This man is quality and you showed me that before I started running scared.

I hope other ladies in their 40s, 50s and 60s that want a relationship, but are just scared and lonely, find you and invest in their future. I look forward to continue working with you because each session we have I learn more about me and that I am worthy of being in a FABULOUS relationship.

I thank you Bobbi from the bottom of my heart. You have given me hope and results.


Karen, 63


37 year old divorced mom finds love after years of not dating

Hi Bobbi!

I just wanted to give you an update on my relationship with J. Our 1-year anniversary is coming up in April & he has expressed his love for me & asked me to move in with him! I told him I’d love to share my life with him too, but that I could only live if we were married. I told him I absolutely want to be married again & asked him if he did as well & he said, “Yes!”.

Not a formal proposal yet, but it’s going in the (slow) direction I want it to go.

I definitely would not be where I am today, without your guidance & support! It's incredible what you've helped me to manifest!

Thanks for being there!




Debbie, Age 53, finds love after 2 divorces and 6 years single

Here is a letter I received from a client after 3 months of private coaching:

I have found a very special man. He is so thoughtful and nice. It is getting harder and harder to be away from him. He has been very understanding of my long hours but I make sure when we are together that he knows that he is very important to me.

Thank you again for all of the help you have given to me. I guess you were right - I was ready for a great guy in my life. I even told him this morning that I wouldn't have been ready for him right now if I hadn't done the work necessary to figure out who I was and what I truly deserved.

I have discussed you with him and he is so supportive. He has done some work on himself over the years so appreciates that I have worked on the things necessary to be in a great relationship and recognize it. Who would have thought haha!!

Just wanted to let you know that all is well and the love just continues to grow. You are great! Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!




Confused ex-CEO becomes Confident Happy Dater


“Okay girls, I’ll be direct….I think Bobbi is one of the best kept secrets on the planet!  She has this amazingly magical way of kindly hitting me square between the eyes with the confidence I need to understand the “real truth" about men and about myself.  This usually happens when I am spiraling down my merry little path of destruction where I am thinking and analyzing way too much; and it's usually negative...and wrong! 


The poor man I am interested in never even has a chance because I am already 2 miles down the road before he can even take a breath!  Yup admittedly, I am doing this all out of FEAR of gawd knows what!   You know the Dr. Phil line “How’s it working for you so far?” Not very well; so enter Bobbi into my life.  

I started working with Bobbi 2 months ago because I really wanted to learn the secrets of dating effectively. It’s been a fascinating experience; I've learned things like why it's so important that Iearn to take compliments. She's taught me how to have compassion for men, and guided me on what to share, how, and when. And so, so much more.


I’ve been married before, a CEO of a company and a VP for many large multinational companies…and could I figure this out?  Nope.  Bobbi has helped me to understand what works and doesn’t work with men, and she has given me the awareness tools around my confidence, femininity, and kindness needed to interrelate with men on an intimate level, and for all my relationships for that matter. 


I have “Ah-hah’s” every time I talk with Bobbi and then I actually go out and try what she says and it works with men!  It gives me a sense of calm and makes me smile inside.  I had no idea about the subliminal messaging I was sending out!  


Well the mojo has shifted thanks to Bobbi and now I am down my merry path of dating and selecting the man who actually fits.  Bobbi’s expert and compassionate coaching, sense of humor, and hands on experience has really helped me to navigate what I am truly looking for in a man, and not be afraid to go get it.  This is one of the best investments I have ever made!


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