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What Is Your Online Dating IQ?

I know I sound like a broken record about the benefits of dating online, especially if you are single and over 40. I’m going to continue to nag you about this because I want what you want: for you to find the man of your dreams, and to never let each other go. Read More

5 Must-Dos For Every First Date

You know the story: You go out on a first date, have a great time, feel good chemistry, and discover you have so much in common. He tells you he likes you and wants to see you again. You get a little ...

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How To Tell If He Is Second-Date Worthy

I read this quote recently: I love that feeling of being in love, the effect of having butterflies when you wake up in the morning. That is special.  ~ Jennifer Aniston I love her, and no offense meant, but how has that butterfly-thing been working for Jen so far? During my 35-plus years of ...

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Delicious Life Lessons I Learned from My Father

My Dad died. There…I said it out loud. Even though I was by his side and saw him take his very last breath, it’s been hard to believe he’s gone forever. F-o-r-e-v-e-r. I wanted to write this article for Thanksgiving so I could publicly thank him and show my gratitude. How trite, I thought. ...

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Answering The Million-Dollar Question: Is He In To You?

At least half of all the emails I get from wonderful women who are over 40 and looking for love are about the same question you’ve probably been asking since you were a teenager: “Is he in to me?” Often the answer is: If you have to ask, he’s probably not. The other common answer ...

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What Is Your Online Dating IQ?

10 questions to help you learn things about how to meet the RIGHT MEN online, the RIGHT way.

Bad Date

5 Must-Dos For Every First Date

Learn Bobbi Palmer's FLIRT System: 5 Must-Do's on Every First Date.

Single Mom

How To Tell If He Is Second-Date Worthy

Over 40 & dating? Don't worry about butterflies; more important things at stake on early dates.


Delicious Life Lessons I Learned from My Father

Bobbi Palmer offers gratitude to her recently departed father for the life lessons he taught her.

happy couple older

Answering The Million-Dollar Question: Is He In To You?

Real grownup men don’t play games; when they are in, they are in.

Bobbi Palmer

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