Nine Ways to Make Your Date Great (in the First Ten Minutes!)


Nine Ways to Make Your Date Great (in the First Ten Minutes!)
Every date is a spectacular opportunity. Don't be a date waster!

The first 10 minutes of a date often determine whether a second date is even going to happen. And let's face it: second dates are not the norm for many. That was definitely my story until I learned about (what I now call) "Date Waste."

Date waste is when a date is a drag but has little to do with whether you're a potential match. It's a drag simply because neither of you set the date up to succeed. These aren't the dates with jerks that you can't wait to end. They're the ones that are just a little boring, lack sparks, or just go nowhere. You can turn these into very positive experiences.

I see date waste all the time when I'm coaching, and I lived it for years. When I accepted that every date was part of the journey and not just a means to an end, my life changed. Every date is an opportunity. You can talk to a nice person, learn something new, get much-needed practice, and maybe connect with someone you want to know just a little better. It doesn't have to be "Oh, he's The One!" or nothing.

Here are nine things you can do in the first 10 minutes of each date to make it a positive experience and begin to eliminate date waste from your life.

  • Go in with the "I hope I like him" attitude. We usually approach meeting men with the "I hope he likes me" feeling. Start with whether he seems to be someone you like. This stops you from trying to read his mind and focuses you on what really counts: how you feel being with him.
  • Find three things you like about him. Fight your habit to lead with the negative. Find reasons he can be ON your list rather than why you should check him off. It can be his timeliness, his smile, the restaurant he chose; what do you like about him?
  • Compliment him. There's a chance he's nervous and feeling a little funky. Give him a sincere compliment early on to start off on a positive note. This will help him loosen up and, besides, it's just nice!
  • Think of it as practice. Every meeting is practice that brings you closer to Mr. I Love You. Statistically, your date won’t turn out to be him. So what? Here's a chance to learn more about dating, men and yourself. After each date, jot down what you learned and apply that next time. See how no date is a waste?
  • Dump your agenda. Don't let it ruin your time if, in the first 10 minutes, he doesn’t appear to be your man. Just relax and be open to what comes up. You never know; you may just let yourself relax into a very nice feeling.
  • Ask the right questions. It's important to stay positive and put your best food forward. Avoid questions that lead to negative chatter. "So how's the online dating thing going for you?" stings of the negative. How about "I liked what you said on the phone about [fill-in-the-blank]…I'd love to hear more."
  • Quiet those dang gremlins. We all have them: the voices that tell us we aren't good enough or it's not worth it. When these voices rear their ugly heads, take a deep breath and tell yourself "this is an opportunity I don't want to miss." (There are very effective ways you can learn to manage your gremlins and limiting beliefs.
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