Key #1 to Finding Hope and Finding Him: Me First


Key #1 to Finding Hope and Finding Him: Me First
Before you can find a man to love & appreciate YOU, you must first love and appreciate yourself.

Think about what you want in a man: Loving kindness, commitment, humor, intelligence. Those are probably things you possess in some form, right? These things count BIG TIME!

Start by asking yourself the question, and then continue to explore what you love about yourself by asking friends and family.


If you want to attract a special man into your life – one who is kind, respectful, loving and affectionate – you have to start with yourself.

And if you want to know how this actually works, here's a letter I got from Debbie, one of my 1-1 coaching clients. She's 53, and here's what she said:

I truly believe I'm in love for the very first time. I guess you were right - I was ready for a great guy in my life. I even told him this morning that I wouldn't have been ready for him right now if I hadn't done the work necessary to figure out who I was and what I truly deserved. I have discussed you with him and he is so supportive. He has done some work on himself over the years so appreciates that I have worked on the things necessary to be in a great relationship and recognize it. Who would have thought? Haha!!

This is YOUR time, and here's where you start. The #1 Step – the thing you must accomplish – is M for Me First: Falling in Love with Yourself. When you can approach men with confidence and know that you're deserving, that's what attracts the kind, mature and relationship-minded men.

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