How To Talk To Men


How To Talk To Men
3 tips to help you get his attention and keep it!

I'm learning how to swing dance. I love the music and it's great exercise! / I volunteer at the local animal shelter walking dogs, but cats are really my favorite. / Last year I went to Italy, drank wine and ate like a fiend. I'm dying to go back.

Start off like that and save the details for the girls (or for when he's a lifetime captive audience and he has no choice!)


3. Manage the conversation. That brain difference thing gives us a definite leg up when it comes to conversation. When conversation lags or it goes in a whacky direction, it's our job to keep it going. Don't complain, sister; just do it. Why? Because we're better at it!

I've seen more dates go awry simply because the conversation went off on some negative tangent, some question was asked that was out of place (the typical "Why haven't you been married yet?" comes to mind), or someone simply hogs it. When this happens, you may both end up with the idea that it wasn't a match.

In fact, a little conversation management can completely change the course of a date, not to mention a relationship. With some practice you can learn to move a conversation along and keep it positive and balanced. Got Willpower? How To Fight Fast Food Cravings

If he is talking too much, it's okay to interrupt with a smooth transition to a headline of your own. He'll likely appreciate it and listen. If the conversation goes negative (as it often will if you talk divorce, illness, bad dates, or bad jobs), you can politely acknowledge it and segue to another, more positive, direction.

So often we only have a short time to learn about one another, and when this doesn't happen it results in a lot of dates that go nowhere. When you master conversation with men, you have the power to make every meeting or date the best it can possibly be. So start practicing and have fun!

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